Creating Wellbeing In Daily Life Through Inclusive RDI

Creating Wellbeing In Daily Life Through Inclusive RDI (HYTKE-project in Finnish) project’s purpose is to build participatory co-research, development and innovation activities for Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and to be utilized in networks. The goal is sustainable well-being in people’s daily lives by utilizing technology.

The project will be implemented in 2021-2023 with profiling funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture for Metropolia’s RDI activities.

Main steps of the project

Framework for participatory research, development & innovation work

  • Definition, practices and tools
  • Identifying practices and tools in Metropolia
  • Literature
  • Co-development
  • Peer assessment
  • Time: Autumn 2021–spring 2022
  • Output: Publications

Framework for assessment

  • Defining subjects of assessment, co-development and validation of methods
  • Time: Spring 2022–Autumn 2022
  • Output: Publications

Daily life digi lab

  • Participatory R&D&I work in people’s daily lives by utilizing technology
  • Time: Spring 2022–spring 2023
  • Output: Digital platform and tools


  • Time: Autumn 2022–autumn 2023
  • Output: Report and publications of pilots

Steering Group

The project’s steering group consists of Metropolia’s long-standing partners and leading experts in the area of inclusive RDI and open innovation. The organizations represent a variety of sectors and geographical areas from the Helsinki metropolitan area to the European R&I environment. Synergies between the organizations around inclusive RDI offer a rich ground for learning together, deepening existing collaboration and fostering new openings.